Hymn Number H182

The days are quickly flying,
And Christ will come again,
With all His Saints attending
Triumphant in His train.
When every eye shall see Him,
And every tongue confess,
The glory of the Father,
In Christ our Righteousness.

O day of Exaltation!
O day of God's Elect!
Sweet day of consummation
That longing hearts expect.
When every conflict ended,
And every sorrow past,
A cry goes up triumphant,
The Lord has come at last.

Lord, come then in Thy Kingdom,
Set up on earth Thy throne;
And, lest Thy sheep grow weary,
Come take them for Thine own.
Now when the night seems darkest
Come in Thy glory bright:
Come to redeem Thine Israel,
And turn our faith to sight.

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